Africa Kenya
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Hello! Welcome. What you are about to hear are some of the most important words you will ever hear. It is good news for everyone.

Programs in Luyia: Bunyala

Amakhuwa Amayiakha
 50 min
LLL 1: Ochaka Nende Nyasaye
 37 min
LLL 2: Abanda Bari Abanyasaye
 40 min
LLL 3: Obikhiri Obirira Mu Nyasaye
 40 min
LLL 4: Abalakhabani Aba Nyasaye
 41 min
LLL 5: Bayalwa Khulwa Nyasaye
 41 min
LLL 6: Yesu - Omwekesia Nende Omwonia
 47 min
LLL 7: Yesu - Omwami Nende Omuwonia
 41 min
LLL 8: Ebikhole Ebia Omwoyo Omulafu
 41 min
Words of Life
 13 min