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TLC Lesson 1 &11 How can we please God in Itneg, Inlaod

Picture 119. Jesus at God

Picture 119. Jesus at God's Right Hand in Heaven

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Mark 16:19; John 14:6
Is Jesus, the only way to God? On the third day after Jesus died, He came alive. Hundreds of His followers saw Him again. They spoke with Him. They saw Him rise up to heaven in the clouds. Now Jesus is with God and one day He will come to earth again. God has given Him all power and authority in heaven and on earth. When we pray to God, Jesus prays to God for us. Friends, we cannot please God by our own religious efforts. We cannot save ourselves by our prayers and good works or the sacrifices we make. The only way to please God is to believe in Jesus and to obey Him. This is the way of great joy and peace with God. For Jesus is the way to God. He is the truth about God, and He gives us eternal life with God. No one can go to God except by Him.