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LLL 3 Victory through GOD in Oromo: Wellega

Picture 16. Gideon

Picture 16. Gideon's Men Surround The Camp Of Midian

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Judges 7:12-25
The great army of Midian was camped in a valley. They had more men and camels than anyone could count. Gideon only had 300 men, but God told him what to do. Gideon gave each man a trumpet, and a flaming torch inside an empty jar. They surrounded the Midian camp in the middle of the night. Then all at once they made a great noise. They blew the trumpets and smashed the jars and cried out, "(A sword) For the Lord (God) and for Gideon." The Midianites were surprised (and confused). They began to kill each other. Then they fled from their camp and the Israelites defeated them all. Friends, even if we are weak and few in number like Gideon's army, with God's help we can defeat our great enemy, Satan. (Music)