Oceania Vanuatu
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Hello! Welcome. What you are about to hear are some of the most important words you will ever hear. It is good news for everyone.

Programs in Bichlamar

Gud Nius
 55 min
LLL 1 Wol we God i mekem fastaem
 40 min
LLL 2 Ol fas man we oli bilif strong long God
 44 min
LLL 3 Ol fas lida we God i stanemap
 43 min
LLL 4 Ol wokman blong God
 38 min
LLL 5 Ol man we oli stanap strong long hadtaem wet
 40 min
LLL 6 Jisas i man blong tijim mo hilim narafala ma
 44 min
LLL 7 Jisas i Masta mo man blong sevem narafala ma
 44 min
LLL 8 Wok blong Tabu Spirit
 46 min
Can God Forgive Me?
 7 min
From Death to Life
 27 min
Naen Dei i Lus Long Solwara
 26 min
New Life in Christ
 45 min
New Testament Readings
 56 min
Old Testament Readings
 57 min
Ol sing sing 2
 26 min
Ol Tok blong Laef 1
 22 min
Ol Tok blong Laef 2
 84 min
Ol Tok blong Laef 3
 41 min
Songs 1
 24 min
Taem Blong Gro
 30 min
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