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Arabic Language Group

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Arabic, Algerian
Arabic, Algerian Saharan: Tamanrasset
Arabic, Algerian: Constantine
Arabic, Bedouin: Jordan
Arabic, Chadian
Arabic, Chadian: Shuwa
Arabic, Egyptian
Arabic, Gulf: Eastern Saudi Arabia
Arabic, Gulf: Khaliji
Arabic, Hijazi
Arabic, Mardini
Arabic, Mesopotamian: Baghdadi
Arabic, Mesopotamian: Khuzestan
Arabic, Moroccan
Arabic, North Levantine: Aleppo
Arabic, North Levantine: Beiruti
Arabic, North Levantine: North Lebanese Literary
Arabic, North Levantine: Syrian Calamon
Arabic, Palestinian
Arabic, Sa'idi
Arabic, Sana'ani
Arabic, South Levantine: Jordanian
Arabic, Sudanese Juba
Arabic, Sudanese: Khartoum
Arabic, Sudanese: North Kordofan
Arabic, Ta'izzi-Adeni
Arabic, Ta'izzi-Adeni: Adeni
Arabic, Ta'izzi-Adeni: El Odein
Arabic, Ta'izzi-Adeni: Hojeria
Arabic, Ta'izzi-Adeni: Ta'izzi
Arabic, Tajiki: Afghanistan
Arabic, Tunisian
Arabic: Classical
Arabic: Damascus
Arabic: Nomad
Arabic: Shuwa: Guera
Arabic: Standard
Cairene Arabic
Moroccan Arabic, Jebli