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Hello! Welcome. What you are about to hear are some of the most important words you will ever hear. It is good news for everyone.

Hmong Language Group

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Hmong Shuad
Hmong, Flowery
Hmong, Flowery: Longlin
Hmong: Blue
Hmong: White
Miao, Black
Miao, Black: Zhen Ning Xian
Miao, Kanma
Miao, Shai Lou Zhenningxian
Miao: Ba
Miao: Bai
Miao: Bai Qun
Miao: Baiyan
Miao: Caijiang Longlin
Miao: Chai Zhuang
Miao: Ching
Miao: Chuan
Miao: Chuan Qing
Miao: Dahua
Miao: Gaoshan
Miao: Gudong
Miao: Hua Yi
Miao: Jiao Jjiao
Miao: Kaili Sankeshu
Miao: Laohu
Miao: Longlin Binya
Miao: Pian Longlin
Miao: Qing
Miao: Small Flowery
Miao: Waishu
Miao: Xiao
Mong: Nanxi