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Languages Spoken in Peru

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Indigenous only
Languages Spoken in Peru 26
Quechua, Ambo-Pasco
Quechua, Ancash, Corongo
Quechua, Ancash, Huaylas
Quechua, Ancash, Sihuas
Quechua, Ancash: Conchucos Norte
Quechua, Ancash: Huaraz
Quechua, Apurimac
Quechua, Arequipa: La Union
Quechua, Ayacucho
Quechua, Chiquian Ancash
Quechua, Cuzco
Quechua, Cuzco: Caylloma
Quechua, Huanuco
Quechua, Huanuco, Panao
Quechua, Junin
Quechua, Lambayeque
Quechua, Margos
Quechua, North Bolivian
Quechua, Puno
Quechua, San Martin
Quechua, Southern Conchucos Ancash
Quechua, Wanca, Huancayo
Quechua, Yauyos: Madean
Quechua Huamalies Dos de Mayo
Quichua del Napo
Quichua de Pastaza