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Hello! Welcome. What you are about to hear are some of the most important words you will ever hear. It is good news for everyone.

Programs in Suruí

Good News
 57 min
Palob émῖm sóeh xáguhd
 80 min
Words of Life
 44 min
Everybody Praise God
 27 min
God Songs 2
 15 min
God Songs 3
 18 min
God Songs 4
 18 min
Igreja Apoena Meirelles eéy ya Meremãhme
 97 min
Igreja Apoena eéy pérewab e
 71 min
New life in Jesus
 19 min
Palob Ataxor Ewabe
 48 min
Palob Merewabe Ah Dana E
 48 min
Palob Merewabe Ãh Danae Vol 1
 87 min
 18 min
Songs and Testimonies 1
 38 min
Testemunho de Renato Labiway Surui
 10 min
Testimonies and Songs 2
 28 min
Testimonies and Songs 3
 46 min
Worship Church Surui
 68 min