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LLL 5 On Trial for GOD in Kuman

Picture 18. Daniel in the Lions

Picture 18. Daniel in the Lions' Den

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Daniel 6:14-24
The king did not want Daniel to die in the lions' den, but he could not change the law. So Daniel was thrown to the lions. Early the next morning the king ran to the lions' den and called out, "Daniel, has your God been able to save you from the lions?" And Daniel answered, "My God sent His angel, and He shut the mouths of the lions." The king was overjoyed. Daniel was taken out of the lions' den. At the king's command, the enemies of Daniel were thrown to the lions, and immediately the lions tore them to pieces. Friends, we need not fear what man can do to us if we trust in the Living God of Daniel and his friends. Even if men kill us we still have hope, for Jesus came from God to give us life after death.(Music & Signal)