Oceania Australia
Hello! Welcome. What you are about to hear are some of the most important words you will ever hear. It is good news for everyone.

Programs in Alyawarr

Good News
 38 min
LLL 6 JESUS - Teacher & Healer
 39 min
LLL 7 JESUS - Lord & Saviour
 38 min
LLL 8 Acts of the HOLY SPIRIT
 32 min
Akngeyel Alerikw Ikwerenh-antey Thwenew
 27 min
Ali Curung Spinifex Band
 27 min
Alyawarr Songs
 26 min
Nthenh-Angkwarr Ngan Alheyenh?
 29 min
Luke Easter Video
 54 min
Pip James-wenh
 35 min
 Other Resources:
Aboriginal Bibles
Aboriginal Bibles